AZ-204 EXAM: A Guide with Study Tips

The virtual world has seeped into our realities. The need to operate and function virtually has become the need of the hour. Therefore, tech awareness plays an integral part.

Certifications, training, and online courses are a helping hand to uplift your proficiency and update you with robust technologies such as Microsoft artificial intelligence. At your convenience and requirements, you can opt for any courses using online classes.

For starters, there are various certifications and training available to help you understand the basics. However, if you wish to up your game as a Microsoft certified professional, you should pursue the Microsoft AZ-204 exam. Companies like Microsoft facilitate all the steps to get certified and enjoy the benefits of it. Stick around to get all the tips and tricks through this article.

What is the Exam-labs Microsoft AZ-204 exam?

Microsoft hosts this exam on Microsoft Azure. Azure is a cloud computing service that manages applications. To get Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate certificate, you need to ace this exam.

Developers are the primary suitors for this Azure certification, who are willing to create end-to-end solutions. However, anyone can take this whose interests are in designing, developing, deploying various application architectures on Azure.

A thorough preparation awaits you to get certified.


The candidates should have experience of 1 to 2 years with Microsoft Azure to sit for the exam. With the relevant skills in cloud security, programming, and architecture, you will have an edge. You can refer to Microsoft online courses for this.

Details about the certification-

There are numerous Microsoft certifications made available by the company. Out of which, this is an associate-level exam, which has an intermediate difficulty level.

This certification exam has five modules. Depending upon the weightage of each module, you can prepare accordingly. You should pay a visit to the official website to get additional information, such as a skills outline, etc.

Exam Pattern-

  • The examination has 120 minutes as its duration.
  • There are no negative markings.
  • You need to answer 40 to 60 questions.
  • The minimum passing marks are 700 out of 1000 points.
  • There are two available exam types-Testing centers and Self-Proctored.
  • MCQs, drag and drop, reordering, yes or no, case studies, command-line questions are the types of questions given in the exam.
  • You can appear for this exam in English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese (simplified) languages.
  • The certification is valid for two years.
  • The regular exam costs $165.

Preparation strategy-

The key to preparation is learning and practicing tests. You can choose as per your convenience and comfort level. There are Microsoft learning portals and modules to help you during self-learning. If not, there is another option for instructor-led training to assist you with their experience.

Many websites provide detailed courses dedicated to the AZ-204 exam. 

Learning Methodology-

Laying out the systematic approach to your studies is helpful. After getting an idea about the number of modules, weightage divided among them and choosing a mode of preparation, decide your course of action.

Keeping the exam date in mind, outline your strong and weak topics and work on them.

Sharpen your skills-

Appear for the official practice tests as much as possible. They help to provide a real-time experience of the exam. You can also try brain dumps to get explained answers. But it should be from verified dumps.

Hands-on experiences are efficient to get a better understanding of the concepts. For this, you can take the help of Microsoft certification courses and Microsoft certification training to formulate the information as a resource for your prep practically.

Pointers to keep in mind-

After all these essential tips for the exam, some tricks will help to boost up your performance. 

  • Get yourself familiarized with all the exam-related topics. Then it will become easy for you to break it down according to understanding.
  • Time management is the key to success. Allocate time for each section and topic to the syllabus, plan your revisions, and time yourself in practice tests. Along with that, have time to devote to complex portions.
  • After the completion of every topic or section theoretically, practice it practically also. Having a lab practice helps you to understand the concept more easily. Also, it keeps the memory afresh for a longer duration.
  • Enroll yourself in relevant portals, forums, and online communities to supply you with study materials such as Microsoft online courses and training.
  • You should also register for the free Azure account, which allows you to practice with new concepts.
  • With regular practice tests, you will be able to pinpoint your scoring sections and non-scoring ones. Pay more attention to the latter ones by revisiting the topics.
  • Visit the official website in intervals to be updated about the latest changes regarding the exam, pattern, syllabus, study materials, timings, mode of examination, etc.
  • Always refer to the verified answers and stick to the certified trainers for your preparations.
  • A group discussion with the friends who are also appearing for the exam about the topics, practice papers, answers, case studies is also a constructive option for your preparation. 
  • Last but not least, along with the hard work, also do the smart work.


Getting updated with technical stuff has become a ‘part and parcel ‘ of life. And the AZ-204 exam can help you to get along with the nitty-gritty of it. This exam might be a little tricky, but with the right kind of assistance, planning, and construction, along with some tips and tricks, you can be a Microsoft-certified professional in no time.

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