How To Use Tags On Youtube? A Step-By-Step Guide

1. Avoid using too many hashtags

Use fewer hashtags to get the best results for your YouTube videos. Avoid combining too many YouTube keywords into a tag. Too many keywords can cause problems in the algorithm, which could result in your video not being ranked.

YouTube allows you to use what is known as “over-tagging” and can flag your video as such. If you use more than 15 hashtags in a single video, it will be flagged as inappropriate. To get the best results, it is recommended to use 3 to 5 keywords or hashtags on YouTube.

2. Only use relevant hashtags

When adding YouTube keywords to your tags make sure that they are relevant and related to the content of your videos as well as relevant to your target audience.

YouTubers often fall for trending hashtags, regardless of whether they are relevant to their content. This is a bad idea and could be a violation of the YouTube metadata policy. You should instead look for trending tags that relate to your video content.

YouTube’s suggested feature can help you find the most popular hashtag or keyword in your niche. It automatically generates YouTube tags relevant to your keyword phrase or keyword by entering them in the search field. To generate trending and relevant hashtags, you can also use the YouTube keyword tool and YouTube tag generator.

3. Take inspiration from the most popular or highly ranked videos

You should pay attention to these important tips in order to rank alongside the most popular YouTube videos. Their YouTube keywords and YouTube tag are two of the most important tips.

You can combine keywords, such as keywords like “best software” and “Social”, to make your tags more consistent. Your video will be displayed and suggested to YouTubers who search for the trending video using those keywords.

However, you should ensure that your keyword and best tags are found in trending YouTube videos related to your niche.

4. Get inspiration from YouTube Auto-Suggest

As we said, YouTube automatically suggests common tags that can be made with keywords or phrases you type in the search box. You can then combine the suggested tags into your videos.

If you search for “cooking”, it will show suggestions like baking, “cooking tips,” or “cooking shows” among others. These suggested tags can be combined in a video by a YouTuber who is creating a cooking tutorial.

5. YouTube Keyword Tools and YouTube Tag Generator

Although it is well-known that keywords and tags can help you increase traffic to your YouTube channel as well as views, it may be difficult for YouTubers to generate these keywords and best tags. Software and tools are available to assist you in finding the best keywords and best tags for YouTube.

YouTube keyword tools and YouTube tag generators crawl the YouTube video-sharing platform to generate keywords and tags specific to your niche. HipSocial is the most popular of all these tools. It was developed by project500apps Newyork. This tool can be used anywhere to generate any kind of youtube keywords or tags.


Hipsocial is a social media management tool that includes a YouTube tag generator and youtube keyword tools. It allows interaction, social listening, and automation with its advanced tools. Additional features include social media scheduling and audience engagement. This will increase conversion, informed decision-making, workflow approvals, and other benefits.

Hipsocial lets you integrate your YouTube app to monitor and track analytics for your uploaded videos. You can use it to create relevant keywords and tags that will rank your videos in top search results.

You can schedule YouTube videos and upload them when you want them to. This will allow you to position them where YouTubers are most interested. You will also get an informative report about the best YouTube tags and keywords that you should combine before uploading your videos.

Hipsocial offers a free trial and a $14.99 subscription to unlock all the features.


Justin Bieber, the pop singer, said that he was “found on YouTube”. This simple sentence shows just how powerful social media platforms are when you consider how popular Justin is today.

You must use the most relevant keywords and tags for YouTube to get the best results and increase your subscribers and viewers to your YouTube videos. Although this isn’t the only way to be popular on YouTube it is the best and easiest.

We have selected the most popular YouTube keyword tools and YouTube tag generators to help you get the best YouTube tags. social, with its many social media management functions, is the best tool out of all.

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