Importing Contacts In to Windows live mail

It is necessary to create a Comma Separated Value (CSV) or Business Card Files to copy your contacts from an email account. Your email account can do this for you quickly and easily. In order to populate a new email account’s Contacts list, you import the same file.

You can import contacts manually from Windows Live Mail by opening the program, clicking Contacts, and clicking Import. Choose Comma Separated Values for the file type (.CSV).

Importing business card files (.VCF) in Windows Live Mail

Go to your Contacts in Windows Live Mail first.

After that select the Business card files (.VCF) option in the Import ribbon.

Navigate to the location of the .vcf file you exported.

The fourth step involves selecting one or more contacts (.vcf files) that you would like to import, then clicking the Open button.

Finally, Windows Live Mail has imported your contacts.

Importing Comma Separated Values (.CSV) in Windows Live Mail

Go to your Contacts in Windows Live Mail first.
After that select the Comma separated values (.CSV) option in the Import ribbon.
Browse by clicking the Browse button.
Open the .csv file you saved and navigate to where you saved it.
Go next by Clicking on Next.
When importing contacts, you can either add or remove any of the listed fields by double clicking on any field, checking (adding) or unchecking (removing) the Import this field box, and clicking OK.
Click Finish when you are done.
You can now access your contacts in Windows Live Mail.    

Explanation of each step

Rather than having to create all your contacts again if you switch from Outlook Express to Microsoft Windows Live Mail, all your contacts will be imported. You can import contacts into Windows Live Mail in a variety of formats, including Windows Address Book files (WAB), virtual business cards (VCF files, also known as vCards), Microsoft Office Outlook contact lists, and CSV files (comma-separated values). Additionally, contacts can also be imported from your existing Windows profile using Live Mail. (Directly from your Windows contact list.)

Because of this versatility, you can import contacts from most email clients, including Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, etc. All you need to do is export your contacts from your other email client into Windows Live Mail’s compatible format.

Using Windows Live Contacts, you can import contacts into Windows Live Mail from the address book. The address book icon appears in the bottom left corner of Windows Live Mail’s main window, when you click it.

Once inside Windows Live Contacts, click the Show Menu button, and click Import: a submenu will expand, listing all the formats in which Windows Live Mail can import contacts. If you are unsure about the format to choose, you may wish to export your contacts as CSV files from the email client you intend to import; in that case, this would be an appropriate option.

Microsoft Outlook contacts or the current Windows user’s address book can be imported into Windows Live Mail automatically: simply choose one of these options, and Windows Live Mail will handle the rest, only letting you know if there is a problem or a successful import:

You will need to choose a file for Windows Live Mail if you are importing contacts from a file (WAB, VCF, or CSV); for CSV files, you will need to make sure that your contacts’ “mapping” matches (normally it will). You can change the mapping, if needed, manually, to make sure each contact information column corresponds to the expected data:

When the import process has been completed, open Windows Live Contacts. All your contacts from your other email program or contact file will now appear in Windows Live Contacts. Sending emails, creating contact groups, etc., will now be possible with Windows Live Mail’s access to all these contacts.

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