Things To Do In Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass Trek is rested on the Prin Pranjal range in the Himalayas at an altitude of 14,039 feet, found in the Northern state of Himachal Pradesh. Also known as sister to ‘Valley of Flowers’ as it beholds lush green grasslands, alpine meadows of conifer forest, rock walls, crystal beautiful streams and falling waterfalls, steep glaciers, and whatnot. Hampta Pass is acknowledged as having one of the most gripping and rare pass crossings to experience in the Himalayas. Astrid across, it fascinates travelers with its two sides. Lahaul’s dry landscape, barren and rocky mountains rest on one side while the green valley of Kullu with full of beauty is discovered on the other.

The Hampta Pass trek gets introduced from the very popular town Manali, stretches for an engaging trekking length of 35 km, and spans for about 4 nights and 5 days. A trek to this place is most desirable during the monsoons when it gets rained with new life, pleasing fragrance, and the true serenity of nature. However, Hampta Pass also welcomes trekkers from mid-June to September offering scenic beauty and dramatic climbs with a moderate level of the trek which excites many from beginners to seasoned trekkers. A true bliss!

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  • Manali is well-connected with major nearby and other Indian cities such as Delhi, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Bangalore, and Chennai. You can book an overnight bus from Delhi which will take 12 ‐ 14 hours to reach Manali. 
  • The railway station nearest to Manali is Joginder Nagar Railway Station. Joginder Nagar railway station is at a distance of 163 km from Manali. From the railway station, you can hire a cab and it would take around 4.5 hrs to reach the destination.
  • The Kullu Manali Airport in Bhuntar is the nearest airport to Manali and is around 50 km in distance. Taxi services are conveniently available from Bhuntar to Manali.
  • From Manali to reach the Hampta Pass base camp Jobra, a taxi or cab would be accessible.


Hanging Valley

The mesmerizing valley view on the very first day of the Hampta Pass trek will leave you astonished and would make you capture the splendid view from different angles. Along a short walk from Jobra village, passing through the thick mixed forest takes you to find grassland opening up to you towered by big rock mountains under the bright sky.

Stream Crossing

Popularly known for its overwhelming stream crossings, Hampta Pass awards more than 10 stream crossings while most of them are quite easy and can be easily done by hopping over rocks. However, 2 of them are not for faint-hearted and are exciting to do as it makes you cross them barefoot, you didn’t see that coming, did you?! Brace yourself to cross these streams of glacier water, bare feet, amidst the voice of raging water.

The Solang Valley

At around 14 km of distance from the town Manali, the Solang Valley is a side valley found at the peak of the Kulu Valley. This site is a heaven for the thrill and adventure chasers in the group as it offers paragliding, zorbing, parachuting, horse riding, skating, and many other mind-blowing sports activities.

The Hadimba Temple

Discover Hadimba temple, a popular temple among the travelers of the Goddess Durga at Kullu district which is dedicated to Hidimbi, the wife of Bhima, one of the Pandavas from the Hindu epic the Mahabharata. It is a cave temple and the locals believe it to be over 500 years old.

Walk On Snow Bridge

A walk on Snow Bridge is as exciting as it sounds. It welcomes you to walk right on top of a stream that is covered with a thick blanket of snow and is frozen. The most breathtaking moment of this experience is when you choose to walk over it and can hear the little cracking voice from under your feet with the sound of the stream raging down. A must-visit to make your journey to Hampta Pass profoundly done.

Capture The True Nature

Hampta Pass has unearthly beauty, scenic views, and majestic mountain peaks to offer. Here, you will be accompanied by the forests on both sides of the road at the beginning of the valley. Also, some lovely wildflowers along the trail. The forest gets you to capture different types of trees like oak, maple, pine, birch among others with flora and fauna. Most importantly, the soul of a trek- camping. Camp at night under the vast sky, stargazing amidst panoramic view and nature’s true beauty.

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