Treks for Photography in the  Uttarakhand

If you are in search of some lovely photography trekking spot with nature’s divine power combined with the mythological aspects laid down on every point you trek in the Himalayan ranges. And the serenity and beauty of your trekking journey are sure to be remembered for time immemorial but not only soulfully but in photographs as well then Kedarkantha Trek is your destination. With the beautiful weather with the richness of purity and holiness then this trekking zone of Kedarkantha Trek will fascinate you in no time. The dense green forests of Kedarkantha Trek will be more amazing as you walk past the green pine and oak trees clad in white snow with the scenic beauty of the gushing streams. The glow of the setting sun behind the mountains adds a texture of blissfulness to the whole of your photography trek at Kedarkantha. Trekking at Kedarkantha will make you realize the presence of Lord Shiva disguised as a bull to test the Pandavas.

Valley of Flowers Trek

The mesmerizing scenic beauty that will be offered to you by the Valley of Flowers will lure you towards its mystical area as you will be taken in by the bewitching sights present in the Valley of Flowers. Make sure you have your camera ready after all, the magical kingdom will display all its features to be captured at a go. The rarest and the exotic species of flora and fauna can be observed at the Valley of Flowers. The Valley of Flowers is surrounded by mythical beasts and fairies from the local beliefs. Praised by many poets and scholars that can be retrieved from their poetic and scholarly works provides you with the notion about the beauty of the place. Photographers and trekkers or those who are into photography love to flock to the Valley of Flowers due to its grandeur.

Har Ki Dun Trek

If you are into trekking as well as photography then trekking through the snowy terrains has a sense of adventure that will erupt in you. One of the beautiful areas for trekking and photography is the Har ki Dun trek. Trekking at Har ki Dun is all about feeling the sanctity of trekking through the snowy mountain roads with glee. Har ki Dun trek is known for the panoramic beauty of nature, displaying its wonders to the trekkers. The presence of various kinds of exotic flora and fauna at Har ki Dun Trek will guide you on an exciting tour through the wild. Har ki Dun Trek will amaze you with the Temple dedicated to Duryodhana (the eldest Kaurava brother in Mahabharata). You can visit other sites in Har ki Dun trek such as; the Osla Village, Ruin Sara Tal Trek, Marinda Tal Trek, and Taluka Village. Make sure you have clicked enough pictures to store in your album of memories.

Gomukh and Gangotri Trek

While you are getting ready for adventurous trekking and above all if you are a photographer then you must get ready for a holy trekking trip at Gomukh and Gangotri Trek and is one of the most loved spots for many trekkers as well as photographers side by side. The grasslands of the Tapovan at Gomukh are sure to ease your soul in all tranquillity and peace. The major source of Ganga river’s starting point that gushes down with all its might from the cow-shaped stone structure flowing down all through Gangotri before it reaches the plane lands is a sight to behold. Trekking at Gomukh and Gangotri can be a blissful one as well. You will get the chance to trek at the Shivling peak, the Bhagirathi peak, and visit the Nandanvan, which is sure to bless your soul with all its purity.

Kuari Pass Trek

Wanting to be with yourself one with nature, pass by the lush green meadows and the lofty hills then get ready with your gears and cameras for the Kuari Pass Trek also known as the Curzon Trail is one of the best places to trek with satisfying photography to store for your memories. Kuari Pass is a loved trekking spot for many photographers as well. You will be amazed by the famous Nanda Devi peak; the second largest peak in India, you will be taken in by the beautiful Dronagiri ranges, Chitrakantha, and Chaukhambha top. As you walk further you will sense the purity of the Bhagirathi river and Alaknanda river flowing through the mountain path. But if you want to see and click beautiful photographs of blooming flowers then make sure to visit Kuari Pass in April. With an immense amount of exotic and rare flora and fauna present at Kuari Pass in Uttarakhand is going to make your trekking and photography trip a successful one.

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