A still from a video Justin Bieber presented on his Instagram account making sense of that he has Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.


Pop star Justin Bieber reported his face is to some extent deadened by a viral condition called Ramsay Hunt disorder, brought about by similar infection, 

varicella-zoster, that causes chicken pox and shingles. He told fans in a YouTube video Friday that the infection had gone after

 "the nerve in my ear, facial nerves and has made my face have loss of motion. You can see this eye isn't flickering. I can't look favorably upon this side of my face. This nostril won't move."

Justin Bieber says he has facial loss of motion because of Ramsay Hunt condition Justin Bieber says he has facial loss of motion because of Ramsay Hunt condition

Ramsay Hunt condition is an uncommon neurological problem that happens when the varicella-zoster infection taints a nerve in the head close to the inward ear. 

Subsequent to having chickenpox as a kid or shingles as a grown-up, the infection can lay lethargic in the body. Why the infection reactivates and delivers side effects of Ramsay Hunt isn't known.

Side effects can incorporate an excruciating rash inside the ear trench and outside the ear, on occasion going after the tongue and top of the mouth, as indicated by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

 Because of the internal ear contribution, individuals with the condition can likewise endure dizziness (the impression of wooziness or things twirling around you), or tinnitus, a ringing in the ear.

Bierber guaranteed fans that he is "going to improve" and that he was doing "facial activities to restore my face once again."